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We as teachers, but primarily as students, recognize that learning is considerably more gratifying when educators explore how subjects weave together rather than compartmentalizing them. We developed six strategies, together titled The Inspirational Six (The i6), for educators to adopt and adapt to their own classrooms in the hopes of enriching the learning experience for both teacher and student. 

The i6 Strategies


To make the subject lively and entertaining; To energize the topic through historical, contemporary, relevant, and unorthodox examples.


To inspire innate curiosity, shifting from passive listener to engaged participant; To stimulate the senses and the mind.


To reveal original sources of emergent thinking from different disciplines; To encourage original thought.


To introduce diverse, non-obvious ideas from the arts and sciences as solutions to complex problems.


To breathe new life into tired ideas; To reinvigorate the connection between sciences and humanities; To reclaim enthusiasm for knowledge.


Much of what we teach has a fascinating story behind its discovery. Share it. This humanizes the lesson, making it relatable or easier to follow.

As educators, we have all utilized strategies in the i6 at some point in our teaching career. Reflecting on our own academic experiences, we raise the question of why some teachers are remembered fondly and become our role models. The teachers we most admire are those who mastered these methods, strategies, and techniques. They enlightened us to the full potential and breadth of their course. The i6 summarizes these techniques for other educators to use as a tool and utilize in their own creative styles. 

NEED HELP? We understand it's a challenge to revive the art-science reciprocity and put it into practice. We're here to help you integrate science, humanities, art, philosophy, or any subject naturally throughout your curriculum. Click HERE to contact us and get started! 

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