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In our modern standard curriculum, the arts and sciences has gradually disengaged to become the arts or sciences. We as teachers, but primarily as students, recognize that learning is considerably more gratifying when educators explore how subjects weave together rather than being compartmentalized. We share the vibrant story of how subjects work in tandem to create the world around us. Our mission is to inspire and cultivate collaborative thought, creative expression, and intellectual versatility.


Understanding it to be a challenge to revive the art-science reciprocity and put it into practice, we formed a group of college educators and leaders tasked with providing positive, effective methods and strategies. We named ourselves S.H.A.P.E. SHIFTERS—wherein Science, Humanities, Arts, Philosophy, and Education (SHAPE) are revitalized and reintegrated naturally throughout the curriculum and across disciplines. We share our ideas for educators to adopt and adapt to their own classrooms in the hopes of enriching the learning experience for both teacher and student. 

Stewart Barr SHAPE SHIFTERS.jpg
Stewart Barr, Phil D.

Stewart Barr's unique "Mephistophelian" style of teaching attracted hundreds of students to his classroom with the desire to not simply learn but to think differently. Stewart has over 35 years in higher education. He was faculty and department chair of humanities, philosophy, religion, and speech at Pima Community College. He has been recognized nationally and internationally for his teaching methods.

Anthony Pitucco, Ph.D.

Anthony Pitucco is most recognized as the creative educator who injected comedy and playful, dramatized acting into his physics lectures. Tony has over 40 years in higher education. He was faculty and department chair of physics and astronomy at Pima Community College where he also taught mathematics, philosophy, and humanities. Tony has received numerous awards for his contributions to education.

Our workshops are highly interactive to ensure you and your fellow educators can learn exactly how to utilize and adapt the i6 Strategies for your own classrooms. 

We would love to visit your classroom to show the i6 Strategies in action! In our engaging talks, students will discover new and exciting perspectives.

We travel far and wide to participate in conferences and join in the exchange of knowledge. We present on a variety of topics related to education and creativity. Contact us to learn more!

Festivals, webinars, radio shows, you name it! We're excited to share our ideas and engage with the public. Contact us, so we can visit your event!

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