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Science, Humanities, Art, Philosophy, Education



 Revitalizing and Reintegrating Science, Humanities, Arts, Philosophy, and Education Across All Academic Disciplines 


S.H.A.P.E. SHIFTERS is an education consulting organization. Our mission is to inspire and cultivate collaboration among fields, creative expression, and intellectual versatility. We spread the vibrant story of how the subjects work in tandem to create our realities. Our name stands for Science, Humanities, Arts, Philosophy, and Education. Our slogan is "Shaping Education. Shifting Perspectives." for the purpose of shifting  towards progressive teaching methods. 


Many of us were taught each subject in school as fixed categories, which probably felt monotonous and limited. Fresh life is unearthed in the world around us when we understand how the subjects weave and evolve together, and the exploration of new connections gives rise to prolific scientific and creative leaps. Let's awaken the innate curiosity of our students and explore inventive ways of thinking and learning.

Our workshops are highly interactive to ensure you and your fellow educators can learn exactly how to utilize and adapt the i6 Strategies for your own classrooms. 

We would love to visit your classroom to show the i6 Strategies in action! In our engaging talks, students will discover new and exciting perspectives.

We travel far and wide to participate in conferences and join in the exchange of knowledge. We present on a variety of topics related to education and creativity. Contact us to learn more!

Festivals, webinars, radio shows, you name it! We're excited to share our ideas and engage with the public. Contact us, so we can visit your event!

Philosophy Club Radio Hour w/ guests Tony Pitucco and Stewart Barr
Richland Student Media

Philosophy Club Radio Hour w/ guests Tony Pitucco and Stewart Barr



6417 E Calle Bootis

Tucson, Arizona 85710

   Tel: 520-403-1747

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